Cooling Systems Repairs | Seattle

Anyone that has ever even passed through Seattle knows what the traffic can be like.  The last thing you want when you have been sitting in the same spot on the freeway for the past 10 minutes is for your car to start overheating.  What do you do?  Slowly nudge your way to the shoulder and hope that you don’t get sideswiped while you wait for it to cool down?  It is just a bad scenario all over.  Make sure when you need to have cooling systems repairs done, to take them to the professionals the first time.


European Emissions Repair | Seattle

When you drive a European car, like a Volvo or VW, sometimes the domestic service available is not what’s best for your vehicle; for the right repair every time, I would recommend a European auto repair shop.  When my Bug didn’t pass its smog check, the last thing I wanted to do was spend a lot of time and money looking around for the best place to go; I went straight to EuroCar Service.  They specialize in European emissions repair.  Not only that, but they work so fast and are so friendly that it made the entire process almost stress-free.  Now with a clean bill of health, my Bug and I are back on the road.

Cancer Caregiver Stress

Cancer caregiver stress, or caregiver burnout, is something that happens to everyone that takes on the role of primary caregiver for a loved one.  The important things to know are you don’t have to feel guilty, and you are not alone.  Whether it’s the financial strain or the emotional toll that it takes, one person can only handle so much.  Because this is something that is nearly universally experienced, there are many resources, such as, available to help you cope with the strain in an healthy way.

Caregiver Burnout

No matter how much you care about someone, caregiver burnout, especially cancer caregiver burnout, is something that will happen to you.  If you find yourself drinking more than usually, or feeling extra tired or anxious these days, then it sounds like you’re experiencing burnout.  Help for Cancer Caregivers offers an abundance of resources and caregiver tips to help you shake off the burnout, without feeling guilty about it.


Being the caregiver for someone battling cancer, does not stop at just the medical side of things.  Especially when taking care of family or loved ones, often times you are called upon to become caretaker as well.  Suddenly you find yourself managing property or finances, and it can become a little too much to handle very quickly.  Utilizing the caregiver support available to you is the key to keeping your sanity while you are taking care of someone that needs you.


Watching a loved one battle cancer is hard, and the process can feel even more overwhelming if you choose to be a caregiver for them.  It’s hard not to want to be there when you see someone that you care for suffering, and those of us in that position tend to provide so generously that we neglect ourselves.  It feels selfish to want to stop, after all, we’re not the ones actually battling the disease, but the good news is that there is help for caregivers out there.  There are great home health care providers available that can help you find a balance between taking care of your loved one, and taking care of yourself.

Brake Repair | Duarte

For top-notch brake service or brake repair in Duarte, look no further than the amazing pros at Alex Romo Auto.  I know I just mentioned that they are my go-to shop in a previous post, but I felt like I needed to elaborate.  It’s not just about the standard car maintenance that they take care of for me.  They let me know that my brakes were getting worn before I ever even noticed if they were squealing or the pedal was getting soft.  Knowing they have my back makes me stress a lot less and enjoy driving a lot more.

Auto Repair | Duarte

Finding a good auto body shop isn’t just about finding someone to take care of today’s needs.  It is just one of those things where you find someone to take care of your car maintenance one time, and if they do good work, they are your auto repair shop for life.  For me, that has to be Alex Romo Auto in Duarte.  The professionals in their shop treat you like family and your car like it’s their own.

Check Engine Light

What the heck does the check engine light mean?  You know you have had the same thought.  You see the light come on, stress about it until you get home, and then the next day when it doesn’t come on right away, you don’t think about it anymore.  Why do we do this to our cars?  I know I did it because I had no idea what the check engine light meant, and the unknown is scary.  If it’s scary, I don’t want to think about it.  After reading an article by Dan’s Auto Center, I feel a lot better about it.

Maybe it really is nothing to worry about, and maybe it is something that I need to fix.  Either way, it is quick and inexpensive to let the professionals take a look at it.