Engagement Rings

When you decide it’s time to pop the question to your partner, you want to make sure that you get the engagement ring and proposal just right.  Simple things like paying attention to what kind of jewelry your partner wears or admires, listening when they talk about what they liked about a friend’s wedding/ring/proposal, and what their hobbies are can really help you tailor the entire experience to them.


CPA | Sonoma County

Wine country businesses have unique circumstances when it comes to filing taxes.  A CPA Sonoma Country wineries can count on for all of their accounting and tax preparation services, should really be one that they can count to stick with them season after season.

CPA | Petaluma

Want to find the best CPA Petaluma has to offer?  Save yourself the headache (and expense) of trail and error.  Go with the team that businesses have been using for years for accounting and tax preparation services.

CPA | Rohnert Park

If you are looking for a good CPA Rohnert Park businesses recommend the team at DBM.  They excel in all areas in the accounting field, from simple tax preparation services to complex business audits.  They do it all with the mindset of taking care of you, rather than being concerned with the bottom line.

How to Make Your High Mileage Vehicle Last

Knowing how to make your high mileage vehicle last is an important skill for any commuter.  The good news is, it is really simple!

Getting your car to last starts with keeping up with regular car maintenance.  Keeping up with your oil change schedule and replacing worn parts will go a long way to keeping your vehicle running.  Once your car has gone over 100,000 miles, it’s time to start looking at using high mileage fluids.

Tire Shop | Glendora

It’s the holiday season, and traffic is at its peak.  If there is anything you want to avoid, it’s car trouble and traffic.  What I like about Y Tire Sales in Glendora, is they are more than just a tire shop.  The team members here are also experts at auto repair.  That makes this a one-stop shop to keep your car ready for heavy winter traffic and provide you with quality truck tires for icy roads; what more can you ask for?