Having to take your vehicle into an auto body shop for collision repair is never a pleasant experience.  Adding to this is the anxiety of wondering how the repair is going and if it will be completed on time.  Thankfully, there is Carwise.  Carwise is a service that helps connect customers and body shops, allowing your mechanic to provide status updates to you as they happen.


Family Fun Every Friday!

Warm temperatures are on their way, how are you going to spend your Friday nights making the most of them?  For members of this great tennis and swim club, there is great family fun to be had at the weekly Friday night BBQs starting in June!

Maytag Appliances | Sebastopol

When it comes to updating your Sebastopol home, swapping out your old, dated appliances for new Maytag appliances is a great way to completely change the look of your home, while increasing the value.  Contact the sales and service team of your favorite appliance store to find out more today.

Tenant Screening

Finding good, reliable tenants is often times what makes the difference in whether or not your rental property will be a success.  Using tenant screening services is a great way to make sure that you only get the best tenants.

Regular Home Maintenance

Summer will be here soon, but is your home ready for it?  Some simple, regular home maintenance that you can do to go get ready are to protect you floors from harsh summer rays by putting up window films, or summer-proof your lawn by spreading seed over the barren patches while there’s still a spring chill in the air.