Hall of Flowers | Sonoma County Fair

The Sonoma County Fair always has something fun for everyone: rides, games, corndogs, you name it!  For the gardener in you, be sure to check out the Hall of Flowers.  With a theme of “Barnyard Blossoms” this year, you’ll be sure to find inspiration you can take home to your own garden.  In fact, if you come on the last day, all the lovely plants will be on sale for you to do just that!


Kitchen Appliance Repair | Sebastopol

Camping sure can be fun, but nobody wants to be forced to cook all their meals on an open fire because their kitchen appliances no long work.  Luckily for Sebastopol homeowners, finding quality repair and service is a simple as making a call to TeeVax!

European Auto Repair | St Paul

Finding expert European auto repair doesn’t have to be a challenge, St Paul drivers.  This also does not mean having to spend a ton of money at the dealership too!  The local experts you’ve been trusting with your car maintenance for the last three decades also offer superb auto repair service on all makes and models, include your European vehicle!

Exhaust Repair | St Paul

Getting a little tired of blowing out smoke everywhere you go, St Paul drivers?  Don’t worry!  With over 30 years of experience, the same auto repair shop that you trust with all of your car maintenance is more than capable of taking care of any exhaust repair issue you throw their way.

Tire Rotation | St Paul

One of the most frequently overlooked car maintenance tasks is getting a tire rotation.  As St Paul drivers know, tire rotations help make sure that all your tires wear evenly, so you run less risk of one going out on you and possibly leading to an accident.  Stop by your local auto repair shop to schedule one today!

Storage Containers

Storage containers come in all different shapes and sizes, so how do you know which one is right for you?  There are steel containers that frequently converted into refrigerated containers, portable storage containers perfect for those moving, and storage units for when you need to keep your things safe.

Abandoned Property

Whether tenants have moved out of your rental property amicably or they were evicted, occasionally they will leave things behind.  So now, what do you do with the abandoned personal property?  In most cases, if it is just trash or food left in the fridge, you can throw it away without a thought.  Anything beyond that is entirely dependent on your local laws for when and how to deal with the leftover property.