Water Conservation

Whether it is shortening the length of your shower (every minute saves almost 75 gallons per month!) or using a broom to clean your driveway instead of the hose or only doing full loads of laundry, conserving water is too easy not to do it!  For other great water conservation options consult your local home improvement shop.


Expunge Record

As a result of the passing for California Proposition 47, a variety of crimes have been downgraded from felonies to misdemeanors, meaning that thousands of people with convictions on their record are now able to petition to have it updated to the less severe crime.  If you fall into this category, keep in mind that the expungement of a criminal record can be a difficult task.  Be sure to get a highly skilled attorney on your side to help you legally expunge your record.

AC Repair | Royal Palm Beach

Having functioning air conditioning is essential for any Royal Palm Beach rental property to survive, but sometimes, systems break down.  What do you do then?  It is so important to have an HVAC profession that you know you can count on any time, day or night, to keep your tenants happy and the money coming in.  That’s why the best professionals call 24 Hour Air Service for their AC repair needs.

AC Repair | Winter Park

You know what’s worse than having your air conditioning unit stop working?  Getting nothing but an automated answering machine when you call to get it fixed!  Luckily for Winter Park residents, they know they can always get an actual person on the phone when they call this shop for their AC repair.

AC Repair | Ocoee

What do you do when your air conditioning dies on you in the middle of the night?  Though it may be too hot to sleep now, don’t worry Ocoee residents, this HVAC profession is available for your ac repair needs 24/7!

Creative Engravings

Far removed from traditional monograms, custom engravings have become more unique, more creative, and far more special.  For example, a great idea for your favorite handyman, or to welcome new neighbors into a growing community is a hammer engraved with a fun, welcoming message, as demonstrated in this blog post.