Ford OEM Repair

When you need Ford OEM repair, there’s only one place you need to go. Cline Collision Center, on Piner Road in Santa Rosa, is the number one spot around. What makes them the right choice? Their state of the art facility, trained staff, and ability to correctly repair steel and aluminum bodies!

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Why “Alternative” Parts Are Detrimental to Honda Repair

When you need collision repair on your Honda, it is critical to go to a shop that uses OEM parts, not aftermarket or salvaged parts. Why are “alternative” parts are detrimental to Honda repair? Cline Collision Center has an article to help inform you!

Source: Why “Alternative” Parts Are Detrimental to Honda Repair

Service Engine Light

The Europcar service has talented professionals that can diagnose the problems that your vehicle has. When the Service Engine Light is displayed, contact their Customer Services Department and, they can diagnose your problems, will suitable repair suggestions. As a quality business, they welcome your inquiries.

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