Pawn Shop Tools Santa Rosa | Used Tools | Used Power Tools

You may know that LLJ Pawn is the best source for jewelry, electronics, and musical instruments. Did you know this trusted local pawn shop buys and sells tools in Santa Rosa as well? Explore their store to find good quality used tools for sale. And bring your used power tools in to sell. Their discrete and professional staff can help you, and they pay cash!

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Sell Antiques – LLJ Pawn

Do you have antique jewelry that you never wear? Would you rather have cash for your old engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets? LLJ Pawn in Santa Rosa and San Francisco is a family owned business that prides itself on discreet, honest, and professional business dealings. Call, email, or stop by to discuss selling or pawning your antique jewelry.

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Cash For Gold – LLJ Pawn

Did you know you can get cash for gold, silver, or vintage jewelry? If you have old jewelry bring it into LLJ Pawn and sell for something you can use- cash! You can even exchange your vintage jewelry for modern jewelry for sale at LLJ Pawn in San Francisco and Santa Rosa. Call, email, or stop by today to talk to the experts about cash for gold.

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